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Hebrew Preachings To African-American Descendants: A supplementary keenness *Hebrew To Negroes*

Celebrating Heritage

For years, African-American descendants in the U.S. have identified when their African homeland and have used the term 'Negro' to assign themselves. However, a supplementary bargain brought forth by figures when prominent religious leader Naison Ngoma, Gordon Jackson, and James Cone, have begun to shed roomy on the Hebrews' journey from slavery in Egypt to eventual freedom.

Understanding the Past

The teachings of Israel's journey out of Egypt and into the promised house can be considered in a supplementary roomy - the connection between Hebrews in the when and Negroes today. Tribe by tribe, the Hebrews journeyed for days, facing achievement and oppression in their bondage period. As ronald dalton jr . has put it, “while their circumstances were different, oppressed Hebrews and African-American descendants shared a same plight — to be liberated”.

The capacity of Parallels

Within this supplementary observations of the Hebrews' journey, African-American descendants can find strength and hold for their own journey to freedom. It's a powerful reminder of the strength of perseverance from the pages of the Jewish holy book, the Torah. By placing the journey of the Hebrews side-by-side when the futuristic daylight African-American experience, the possibility to find strength in bargain the when is log on to those full of life in the present.

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