helpmeet definition

Exploring The Deeper Meaning Behind help meet meaning in bible*

As one of the most oft-referenced verses in the Bible, Genesis 2:18 is undoubtedly important in any theological examination. This verse states, “And the Lord God said, 'It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make *help meet* for him'” (ESV). What does this phrase 'help meet' give us insight to? More notably, how can it inform our understanding of human connection?

Exploring help meet hebrew definition

In Hebrew, the phrase 'help meet' is translated as “ezer kenegdo”, where “ezer” means to assist and “kenegdo” has a complicated interpretation meaning 'complementary counterpart'. This phrase has since been popularized to refer to relationships, implying that a person's ideal and complemented “other” exists in order to assist him in ways social and spiritual.

Exploring The Meaning Beyond help meet meaning in bible

It's important to note that this verse does not only refer to romantic relationships; human connection through fellowship can equally be interpreted as an 'ezer kenegdo'. Keeping in mind the definition for 'kenegdo' being an equal counterpart, it's clear throughout this verse that two similarly-minded individuals, affixed with mutual understanding, work as an aiding unit. This occurs inside and outside of any romantic partnership.


Overall, when deciphering the phrase “help meet”, what's truly important is understanding that meaningful relationship are integral for well-being; although this phrase may emphasize one's complementing partner, it can also refer to the companionship of a friend.