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Geeks and Gamers in popular Society: A postscript on Their Impactgames and geeks

A Historical Account

Since the inception of the personal computer, and even past the advent of gaming, technology-based pastimes have gained traction in mainstream culture. During the 70s and 80s, 'geeks' and 'nerds' were often portrayed as outlier personalities in books, television shows and films. For instance, 'Revenge of the Nerds', which premiered in 1984, painted a comedic describe of the hardships of swine labelled as an outsider. past then, though, geeks and nerds have often been re-cast in a much more interesting light, especially the gaming variety.

Development of introduction into popular Culture

The rise of console gaming and online multiplayer sparked the introduction of competitive gaming and eSports tournaments, which have brought the industry to a greater level of attraction and appeal. This has acted as an unprecedented window for not just gaming, but geeks and nerds too. Brad Caroll, a gaming consultant who works similar to creative teams, explains that the “emergence of Twitch and extra streaming facilities has extra glamorised gaming and geek culture. People are skilled to affix similar to one another, regardless of their background, in a shared response for both gaming culture and its grasping gamers.”


This newfound response of gaming and its enthusiasts has undoubtedly broadened the audience to whom geeks and gamers can appeal. Rather than an inaccurate 'nerd' stereotype, there is now a wider response for the skills and talents of gamers. games and geeks

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