allergy eye drops

Soothing the Effects of Allergy-Related Eye Irritation with Alaway Eye Drops

Red, itchy, and watery eyes caused by seasonal allergies can be irritating and uncomfortable. Fortunately, there are several eye drops designed to ease the symptoms of seasonal allergies. One of these, alaway eye drops, is made for those who suffer from allergy-induced redness, itchiness, and wateriness of the eyes.

Compositional Makeup of Alaway Eye Drops

Created by Bausch and Lomb, alaway eye drops provide relief from the effects of allergies. These eye drops are formulated with 0.025% ketotifen, a First-Generation non-sedating antihistamine, which is absorbed into the eye's tissue. Alaway eye drops also contain other ingredients to soothe the eyes, including boric acid, sodium borate, zinc sulfate, and edetate disodium.

How Alaway Eye Drops Work

When applied topically, alaway eye drops are quickly absorbed into the eye surface and reach peak effectiveness within first six hours. The eye drops work to reduce inflammation as well as irritation. Within three days, the symptoms of flare-ups and chronically itchy eyes improve. Alaway eye drops are safe and effective for use 6 months and older, while bausch and lomb allergy eye drops are available for those under the age of 6 months.

Benefits of Alaway Eye Drops

Using alaway eye drops can improve allergic ocular symptoms, as well as providing a variety of other benefits. The eye drops not only reduce inflammation and irritation, but also help to sustain their effectiveness over time as the medication is continuously available in the eyes. Furthermore, alaway eye drops are available as both prescription and over-the-counter options, providing a range of choices that fit every patient's unique needs.