Birkenstock Mens Milano

Birkenstock for Men: Which Is Most Popular, Milano or Arizona?

Birkenstocks have become increasingly popular more or less the world, in imitation of request particularly mighty for the much-loved comfort-focused designs for men. But the age-old debate rages upon - which is the best selling birkenstock for men? Milano or Arizona? Here, we'll compare the styles and features of each and atmosphere which demands the most attention.

Birkenstock Arizona: The classic of Classics

The BirkenstockArizona is the best selling birkenstock for men . The epitome of Birkenstock's classic design, the Arizona sandal has been popular past the 1970s and remains the go-to footwear substitute for those seeking the Birkenstock look. Versatility is key - the Arizona can be worn in imitation of socks for wintertime style, and is understandable in various upper materials such as leather and velour.

As Unique as They Come: birkenstock mens milano

The birkenstock mens milano doesn't boast the similar level of popularity as the Arizona - yet. This model isn't limited to the boundaries of usual Birkenstock style; the Milano provides a unique look, and features an ergonomically-contoured footbed for comfort. It next offers substitute of straps and buckles, making it perfect for anyone wanting to atmosphere themselves.

The substitute is Yours

When it comes to which is the best selling birkenstock for men? Milano or Arizona? , there's no right or incorrect answer. The Arizona is the unconditional favorite for its classic-yet-timeless look, but the substitute is yours - and in imitation of hence many options, there's something for everyone!