building a picket fence

What You Need to Know about building a picket fence

Are you looking to give your garden or patio a boost with a picket fence? It's a great way to make your outdoor living area look neater and enhance your privacy. Before you decide to install a picket fence, there are a few aspects you should be aware of.

Getting the Basics Right

Building a Picket Fence requires basic DIY and carpentry skills. The job's not overly complex, but it does require some concentration. You might find it easier to get professional help for the installation. To start off, determine where you want the fence to be installed. Make sure to check your local regulations. You'll also need to mark on the ground where the posts will be placed.

Materials and Tools

You can construct the fence yourself using wood planks, but you'll need the right tools - such as a post-hole digger, saw, sandpaper, drill and screws. Pressure-treated wood is the best option since it will last for much longer. Check the fence posts and planks for any signs of rot or decay before purchasing them.


The next step is to dig the holes. Around a foot deep is sufficient, take into account the depth to the frost line. Make sure the posts are secured properly and then start attaching the planks. Cut the planks, ensure they fit correctly between the posts, and then screw them in. Once all the screws are in, you can add additional features such as post-top finials as well as primers and preservatives.


Building a Picket Fence requires a bit of effort and time, but your efforts will surely be rewarded in the end. With a bit of patience and the right tools, you can soon be enjoying a neat and aesthetically pleasing picket fence around your garden or patio.