Know the Strength of Your Wipes What do the different strength of wipes do?

70% Acohol Wipes

A Measurement to Consider

When it comes to isotonicity, surface tension, and alcohol content, not all wipes are created equal. We're all familiar with the use of everyday wipes, but the strength of these wipes — and thus their efficacy — depends on what goes into them. Prevailing wisdom in the medical field suggests that the higher the percentage of alcohol, the better when it come to killing germs on surfaces or even our skin. But this isn't necessarily always the case.

A Notable Exception: 70% Alcohol Wipes

What do the different strength of wipes do? When it comes to compromised skin, higher alcohol concentrations above 70% may actually have a negative effect on skin cells and make them less resilient. Herein lies the value of knowing precise concentrations and understanding the appropriate balance of components. In the case of 70% alcohol wipes, the level of alcohol is intentionally kept under the threshold and hence these wipes are not quite as effective at killing germs.

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70% Acohol Wipes

The Uses of Different Wipes

What do the different strength of wipes do? Although 70% alcohol wipes may not be the most effective method of achieving absolute germ-killing, they are still useful for general cleaning tasks such as wiping countertops or tabletops. In comparison, stronger wipes with higher alcohol concentrations can be used to effectively clean medical equipment or even our own skin. Different wipes have different intended uses, so it remains essential to understand the composition of each wipe and the potency of its alcohol content.