ClickBank Website Deactivated in Boise Website Deactivated: ClickBank, Boise ID


Unexpected Resolution to Suspected Cybercrime

Word had been spreading around Boise about a suspected cybercrime within ClickBank; a Boise-based website which offers financial services and countless educational resources. Rumours of financial malfeasance had been circulating, and the public were eagerly awaiting a resolution to this sensation.

Crisis Averted with Swift Deactivation

In a single night, the ClickBank website was deactivated Website Deactivated: ClickBank, Boise ID and representatives from the organisation released a statement taking full responsibility and offering condolences for those affected. Though the exact details of the security breech aren't known, the official statement from ClickBank delighted Boise citizens that the situation was resolved swiftly and the crisis was averted.

The Secret


ClickBank Incentive to Keep Security

In response to the security breech, ClickBank announced the introduction of a new 'Secure At All Times' campaign, wherein users will be incentivised to ensure their online security with attract money and discounts available to those who register their details and set up a secure account.

Public Resilience and Looking Forward

Though the security breech left many with a sour taste in their mouth, the quick and proactive response from ClickBank was met with gratitude from Boise residents and the overall resilience of the public has been impressive. With performances from local musicians at the ClickBank headquarters and a host of other incentives to get the town of Boise rallying behind the website, Boise may soon have ClickBank up and running again soon.

Website Deactivated: ClickBank, Boise ID