Turkish rug stain removal

How to surgically remove Stains from a Turkish Rug in Newport beach CA

Stains upon a Turkish Rug can create a pretty piece of d├ęcor look shabby. Fortunately, later than the right supplies and knowledge of the proper techniques, individuals can surgically remove most stains upon their own. Here is all you habit to know just about Turkish Rug stain removal in Newport beach CA.

Supplies Needed

You'll habit a few items from your local stock to start the Turkish Rug stain removal process. Grab a bucket, a large cloth, a soft-bristled brush, some detergent and tea tree oil.

Removing the Stain

Fill the bucket later than a gallon of hot water mixed later than two teaspoons of mild detergent. Use the cloth to blot the Turkish Rug stain without rubbing it. Dip the soft brush in the soapy water and lightly scrub the stain in round motions. If the stain persists, combination a tablespoon of tea tree oil in a cup of hot water and spray can it exceeding the stain. Finally, use a towel to please the permanent liquid.

Preventing Damage

Certain steps must be taken to prevent damage to the Turkish Rug . keep it away from attend to sunlight or tall temperatures to ensure the colors accomplish not fade. Vacuum the rug twice a month to keep it pardon of dust, dirt and human hair. Lastly, have it professionally cleaned all six months by a rug cleaner.

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