Turkish Rug Fringe Repair

Turkish Rug Care & Cleaning in Corona, CA – A Comprehensive Guide Turkish Rug Washing Corona CA

As a thriving metropolitan area, Corona is home to a wide variety of rugs, carpets, and upholstery that require special attention. Turkish rugs (or oriental rugs) represent a unique category of traditional home decoration pieces that require particular expertise to be properly preserved. Therefore, finding a reliable professional to oversee their proper washing and odor removal should be a priority for anyone owning such kind of rugs.

Oriental Rug Washing & Protection

Turkish Rug Washing Corona CA requires a comprehensive process of dusting and vacuuming, as well as specific pre-treatment. Then, the rug is washed with specialized non-toxic cleaning agents before proceeding to a careful steam extraction of the debris. After the washing process is finally completed, experts suggest applying a high-end protectant for additional safeguarding against future stains and dust accumulations.

turkish rug odor removal

Odor removal is an important part of the rug care process that can make all the difference in your rug's lifespan and aesthetic quality. Turkish Rug Washing Corona CA providers use a recovery and rinse process that is specially designed for hard-to-remove odors. The ultimate objective is to achieve a deep cleanse that leaves the rug feeling fresh and radiant. In addition, a specialized sanitizer is used during the washing process to ward off bacterial growth that can cause the formation of unpleasant odors.


Through the services of a specialized Turkish Rug Washing Corona CA company, the charm of your prized Turkish rug is sustained. To ensure its preservation in optimal condition, homeowners must attend to removal of dust, stains, and odors regularly while trusting only the most qualified cared technicians to undertake the delicate task of deep washing.

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