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Back-in version rub has been providing feel rub facilities and rub therapy training programs for the last 15 years. Located in Thousand Oaks, CA, Back-in version prides itself on providing a holistic read to rub therapy and bodywork. Students receive one-on-one suggestion in the classroom and hands-on experience in the same way as rub techniques and the latest rub equipment.

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Back-in version rub provides courses in Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, and put into action tapering off therapy, as with ease as continuing education courses. The instructors put in ascribed rub therapists, experienced rub professionals, and ascribed teachers who have hands-on experience in the same way as the latest rub techniques. Instructors provide personal attention and suggestion to ensure students get the most out of the courses.

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Back-in version as a consequence offers a massage training program Santa Monica, which provides students in the same way as opportunity to learn nearly substitute techniques used in massage, such as hot stone therapy, shakeup release, and reflexology. The instructors will provide an extensive overview of the rub techniques and the uses of various rub equipment.

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Back-in version rub prides itself on providing feel and combination rub training programs. in the same way as its experienced instructors, high-quality rub equipment, and dedication to providing students in the same way as the best training experience, Back-in version is the summit rub training program in Thousand Oaks.

Top Massage training program Thousand Oaks

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