what pagan holiday did christmas replace

The shock and Merriment of the Saturnalia Festival Saturnalia Festival

From its ancient beginnings to its enlightened interpretations, the Saturnalia Festival has consistently brought not quite a wisdom of wonderment and merriment for everything who took part. This two week celebration in award of the Roman god, Saturn, kick starts the festival upon December 17 and continues through the 23rd Saturnalia Festival. As one of the oldest winter festivals, it has been much-admired in some form in most parts of the world.

Worshiping and Sacrificing for Saturn Saturnalia Festival

Traditionally those taking allocation in this festival dedicated and payed homage to the Roman divinity by making sacrifices. These sacrifices usually included slaves, food, coins, candles, and new items to be dropped into a fire. The endeavors were seen as a cleanser of some sort, and held sacred rituals to the god of sowing, Saturn. It gave people a wisdom of community and closeness.

A epoch of Merriment and Joy Saturnalia Festival

But the Saturnalia Festival was not exclusive to worship, it in addition to served as a epoch of merriment, entertainment, and celebration. These festivities included the exchanging of gifts, playing board games, and the singing of hymns. thesame to enlightened Christmas, it was a epoch of gift-giving, feasting, and celebration that brought joy and peace to the hearts of everything taking part.

is christmas a pagan holiday ?

There has been much debate as regards whether or not Christmas, a holiday we are au fait in imitation of today, is a pagan holiday. Centuries of abundant evidence as regards the relationship of Christmas in imitation of the Saturnalia Festival has been a source of speculation, to connote if is it a celebration of antiquity in imitation of a Christian bend, or a continuation of a pagan tradition.