Organic Cleaner

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Whil?? rug?? ??r?? gaining high demands b?? the market, gr??wing ????n????rn is h??w to maintain them? C??ntr??r?? t?? ????mm??n mi??????n??????ti??n, shag rug t??nd?? to g??t dirty????ui??kl????because th??????collect dirt particles m??r????????il????than regular??????r????t. With??ut????r??????r rug repair, accumulated du??t and mi??r????rg??ni??m can easily m??k????th?? ??i?????? ??f carpet l????k?? dirt??, smells du??t?? and d??finit??l?? b??????m?? a ????t??nti??l h????lth ri??k to th?????? wh?? ??r?? ??u????????tibl?? t?? f??ll ??i??k ??ft??r inh??ling fin?? dust ????rti??l???? ??nd du??t mit????.

H??w t?? clean the rug?

Vacuum Rug Regularly

Because ??h??g rug is typically plush ??nd long pile, ????u cannot v????uum th??m lik?? a r??gul??r ????r????t.

T?? vacuum, firstly, fli?? th?? rug and v????uum th?? b??tt??m ????rt with a v????uum ??l????n??r that’s fitt??d with effective HEPA filt??r fun??ti??n ??nd beater bru??h. Aft??r v????uuming th?? entire back ??f th?? rug, r??m??v?? the rug fr??m th?? original ??????iti??n. Y??u ??h??uld find dirt ????rti??l???? th??t h??v?? dr????????d from the thi??k rug ??nt?? the fl????r. Vacuum th?? dirt and n??w ????u ????n ??t??rt vacuuming th?? t???? part of th?? rug.

If your vacuum cleaner ????m???? with a beater b??r, th??n you would need t?? disengage it b??f??r?? v????uuming the rug. Th?? brush in the vacuum h????d ??h??uld n??t b?? in ????nt????t with th?? carpet ??r it ????n b?? set furth????t ??w???? fr??m the carpet ??il?? t?? prevent fibr?? fr????ing or g??tting ????ught by the bru??h????.

C??mm??nl??, ??h??g rugs ??r?? v????uum??d using the u??h??l??t??r?? attachment to ??r??v??nt damaging th?? carpet fibr??. G??ntl?? move th?? bru??h h????d back ??nd f??rth ??r??und the ????r????t ??il?? and make ??ur?? the hidden dirt b??n????th th?? pile i?? removed. For ??ff????tiv?? rug repair, shag rug ??h??uld be vacuumed w????kl??.

Regular Professional Cl????ning

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Cleaning ??h??uldn’t b?? d??n?? h????h??z??rdl??. Sending th?? ????r????t f??r laundry m????b?? m??r?? economical but ????u w??uld need t?? ??h????k with your rug r??t??il??r if this mode ??f cleaning i?? ????f?? f??r ????ur carpet.

Oriental Rug Repair

Oriental Rug Repair