is hell for all eternity

Who Goes to Hell: A Look into Eternity?

What Does the Bible Say?

Nowadays, there are many backgrounds to belief, yet many of us have similar questions towards the afterlife. One of the most popular questions towering over our minds is, “(\who goes\ to hell?)”. Many tend to believe the answer varies depending on the individual, but what does the Bible really say? Below, we will explore the opinions of different perspective on the question, “\ who goes\ to hell?”

What Does Religion Say?

Throughout history, the opinions on this subject have shifted significantly. Until the 19th century, Islam and Christianity believed in what was known as “conditional immortality.” This train of thought stated that the unbelievers of God would likely not experience “ is hell for all eternity ,” but rather an ultimate death, instead. In more recent years, however, Judea-Christianity basis itself in universal damnation where the souls of all unbelievers will endure “ is hell for all eternity .”

What Does Philosophy Say?

There are varying philosophical views on this argument, too. Universalists, for example, express that despite our actions (to love or reject God) all people will be spared “ is hell for all eternity ,” and will instead find their place in a blissful afterlife.


Ultimately, “who goes to hell?” is an ever changing question. Revolving around different interpretations of religion, science, spiritualism, and philosophy, it is a reasoning with no immediate answer.

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