Are you and your community ready for a great have an effect on of Gods Holy Spirit? on Friday 3/24 at 7:00 pm in adore and Mercy-Remnant Rising in Bayshore, further York, there is an incredible revival taking place. People from nearly Long Island, further York, and the US are every meeting to set sights on what God is perform and responding to it on a total further level. The question that many are asking is what is God perform and how can I belong to in it? The simple respond is that God is heartwarming afterward power, outpouring His presence and refreshing the hearts and lives of those who are prepared to receive. 

This revival started afterward The Asbury Revival which was initiated at adore and Mercy-Remnant Rising as an respond to the cries of the people of Long Island for a spiritual awakening and renewal of the region. This revival has been encouraging the hearts of many and has seen some incredible turns in the supervision of the lives of those attending. Discussions nearly What is God Doing?, have taken place as leadership training and building an inspired community in Christ. God is perform something that is far afield greater than just a mere outpouring, He is giving a further vision, a kingdom harvest, and a shift in the heart of many.

afterward such a powerful revival and it's lovely call to high regard of the Holy Spirit, there has been a disturb in Long Island of what God could accomplish if we arrive together in harmony and respond to the needs of our community. As a result, Reach-out Long Island is increase a great people, connections and family, sons and daughters, in the say of Jesus, to become the salt & lively of the Long Island region; by ministering the word of God, performing lively desserts and beverages, sharing experiences and having casual conversation afterward definite faith and Christian values.

Then there is the call to lay aside every fear, to become a man of God, and to stroll in harmony afterward Him. The Posture Of A Godly Man, is a great tool that is inborn used at this revival, prompting the men to become bold and strong in the faculty and presence of the Holy Spirit. every this afterward the stop set sights on of a powerful high regard of the Lord God, leading us every to an unforgettable journey of a divine intervention and spiritual refreshment.

every of this is in the works, and many people have been invited and have responded positively, there is an overflow of joy as they cant wait to look what God is going to accomplish in such difficult get older on Long Island. As the stop draws near, many are eager and waiting to be portion of a supernatural revival that will bring refreshment and renew the Holy computer graphics in a powerful way.

Are you ready to belong to in and be portion of the Holy computer graphics Outpouring Revival? Dont miss out on the opportunity to be portion of the huge Picture: Discovering What God is Doing! Don't forget to bring a friend. look you there!

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Love and Mercy - Remnant Rising Friday 7:00 pm March 24th & April 28th

1420 Union Blvd, Bayshore, NY.

1. Holy Spirit Outpouring Revival

2. Holy Spirit Outpouring

3. Outpouring Revival

4. Holy Spirit Experience

5. God???s Presence

6. Supernatural Revival

7. Divine Intervention

8. Spiritual Refreshment

9. Miraculous Revival

10. Renewing of the Holy Spirit 

God's Revival Outpouring