Invest In Singapore Properties

Discovering the Advantages of Investing in Singapore Real Estate as a Foreignercan foreigners buy property in singapore

Public Housing

Foreigners cannot buy public housing, which is subsidized housing for Singapore citizens and permanent residents. For the most part, Singaporeans and Permanent Residents of Singapore are eligible for public housing and receive subsidies from the government to help with the finances. As such, foreigners will not be able to purchase such housing as they will not qualify nor will they receive any form of subsidies.

Executive Condominiums

Foreigners can buy executive condominiums (ECs) after they have been completed for 10 years. ECs are a type of condominium provided by the Housing and Development Board that are offered at subsidized prices. To buy an EC as a foreigner, the condominium must be completed for at least 10 years before the sale can be carried out.

Private Properties

Foreigners can buy most private properties in Singapore without any restrictions. All forms of private properties throughout Singapore can be readily acquired with no restrictions imposed from the Singaporean government. Landed properties, however, are subject to certain regulations.

Landed Properties

Foreigners must apply for and obtain approval from the Land Dealings Approval Unit (LDAU) of the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) if they want to buy a landed property in Singapore. Buyers must warrant that the purpose of the purchase is compatible with the Singapore government's regulations, in addition to furnishing other documents such as a statement of financial status and evidence of ties to Singapore.

Sentosa Cove Properties

Foreigners must apply for and obtain approval from the LDAU of the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) to buy landed properties in Sentosa Cove. To be eligible for an automatic approval from LDAU, the foreigner must prove the purchase is primarily for personal use, have an annual income of at least S$500,000 and own a net worth of no less than S$10 million.

Commercial Properties

Foreigners can buy commercial properties without any restrictions. The Singapore government does not impede foreigners from investing in commercial properties, allowing them to venture into the market. If you are a foreigner considering real estate in Singapore, be sure to seek out an appropriate lawyer or property agent to further aid you on this venture. With the right information and guidance, you can be sure to profit from an international venture in Singapore's property market.