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Tips 'n Tricks to Achieve a flawless Makeup Look

We all want to look our best and often makeup is a great tool to help accentuate good features and minimize our insecurities. However, when it comes to the beauty tips makeup world, the vast array of products, colors and techniques can cause a daunting feeling. Don't let the fear of the unknown inhibit your creative expression! Follow these tips to help you create the ideal natural look.

Prep Like a Pro

Before applying any cosmetic product, it's essential to set a good foundation. Make sure that you've cleansed your face and moisturized. Prepping the skin should always be your first step before getting creative with beauty tips makeup .

Give Your Eyes Some Definition

To give your eyes some extra oomph, line them with either a black or brown pencil or liquid liner. This will make your eyes look larger and you can blend the line into a smoky eye. Just remember not to get too heavy on the liner.

Add Color and Glow to Your Entire Face

When applying blush, the general rule of the thumb is to put the blush on the apples of your cheeks and blend outwards to your temples. Additionally, you can use a bronzer to give your face some additional definition. A highlighter should be added on the bridge of your nose, top lip and cupid's bow.

Finish with the Basics

Make sure use a setting spray to make your makeup last throughout the day. Finish with a coat of your favorite mascara and pop on a lip gloss, and voila! You have the perfect natural look.