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Unearthly Comfort: Foothealth & Earth Shoes Earth Shoes and footheath. Are flats better than boots?

In today's ever-evolving fashion consciousness, it is more essential than ever before to seek fashion-forward clothing for maximum comfort and style. While flats have been a traditional foot fashion staple, Earth Shoes have placed themselves firmly in the contemporary fashion scene. Are flats really better than boots when it comes to foothealth? We explore the answer to this organic quandary.

What Are Earth Shoes?

Earth Shoes, first introduced in the 1970s, are a brand of casual, everyday dress shoes that place an emphasis on comfort and health. Earth Shoes attempt to mimic the way a foot would walk naturally, guiding the foot back into a proper, healthy alignment. Earth Shoes feature negative heel technology, which redistributes the wearer's bodyweight more evenly across their foot, thus providing superior care for the foot.

Are Flats Really Better Than Boots?

Though flats offer comfort, the fact is that boots may be more beneficial in protecting the feet, especially for those who are active during their day. Boots offer added ankle protection, more stability among icy surfaces, and more traction in slippery areas. In addition, due to the exaggerated negative heel of Earth Shoes, a flat may not have the same stability of a flat boot. That being said, buyers should choose Earth Shoes with caution and select lower adjusted heels, if possible.

Earth Shoes On Sale

It is almost impossible to go wrong with Earth Shoes, especially if you can find discounted earth shoes for women . If you are serious about foothealth and looking for a good deal on a high-quality pair of shoes, Earth Shoes hit the spot.

Earth Shoes and footheath. Are flats better than boots?