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What Makes an Entrepreneur?

At its simplest, an entrepreneur is a person who sets up their own business, taking on the risk of being the sole proprietor. However, an entrepreneurial mindset runs deeper than that and extends beyond the starting up of a business, or 'entrepreneurial venture' as it's sometimes known. It can be applied to any endeavor that requires a creative or innovative approach.

How Does an Entrepreneurial Mindset Benefit Students?

Students who can think like an entrepreneur have an edge over their peers. Such students are able to look ahead and come up with innovative solutions to problems, rather than simply reacting to immediate events. Consequently, they're equipped to take risks and apply creative thinking to whatever challenge may be presented to them. By adopting an entrepreneurial mindset, students are better positioned to handle the challenges of the future. This can prepare them for any career path they choose to follow, or even aid them in their efforts to become Definition of an Entrepreneurial Mindset a celebrity entrepreneur.

Rolling It Up

An entrepreneurial mindset isn't exclusive to business-minded folk. Students can benefit by equipping themselves with the skills to think ahead and apply creative thinking to any problem or challenge. An entrepreneurial mindset goes beyond the traditional notion of an entrepreneur and offers a way for students to equip themselves for any situation and future career path.

Definition of an Entrepreneurial Mindset - Students

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