The Definition of Social Entrepreneurship

The Definition of a Hobbyist Entrepreneur Definition of an Entrepreneur - Hobbyist Entrepreneur

An ordinary individual who is bestowed with a passion for business and creative skills, a hobbyist entrepreneur is an individual who often operates a business, from small enterprise to large business, only for the personal satisfaction and financial rewards. Yet, its important to note that below the surface of a hobbyist entrepreneur lies more than mere monetary gain. Having a thirst for creativity, a hobbyist entrepreneur loves to take risks and think of innovative ways to enter a market.

A Different Kind of Satisfaction

For hobbyist entrepreneurs, running a business is more than punching in clock and turning a profit. It's a chance to explore passion and creativity. This kind of satisfaction is incomparable to just about any other field. It's so much more meaningful because to a hobbyist entrepreneur, their business is a reflection of their personal interests.

Differentiating Hobbyist Entrepreneur From Other Types

The definition of hobbyist entrepreneur differs significantly from other types of entrepreneurs, such as social entrepreneurs the definition of social entrepreneurship . Social entrepreneurs tackle a particular cause or aim to make a change to benefit society. In comparison, hobbyist entrepreneurs are those who start up businesses as a form of personal fulfilment more than a cause of social good.

Re-defining Success

Though hobbyist entrepreneurs may not experience the monetary success of other types of entrepreneurs, the joy and satisfaction of following dreams and passion instead of the financial motivation is what truly matters. Re-defining success is a key factor for hobbyist entrepreneurs.

Definition of an Entrepreneur - Hobbyist Entrepreneur