What is an Intrapreneur Entrepreneur? Definition of Intrapreneur Entrepreneur

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Intrapreneurs recognize the opportunities embedded within a traditional organization to generate innovation. They possess entrepreneurial spirit and ambition to create novel ideas and opportunities without leaving the framework of the organization. Their existing knowledge and expertise are used to identify potential to address challenging needs, or unrecognized problems, in the organization.


Intrapreneurs are typically tasked with finding solutions to challenges faced by the organization that traditional methods of management cannot adequately address. Their job is to employ innovative, creative strategies to add value to the organization. They may also be responsible for developing new products and services, creating efficient processes and programs, and driving culture change throughout the organization.

Attributes and Qualities

An intrapreneur typically has a number of shared qualities and attributes, such as a creative, imaginative mindset, risk tolerance, and a willingness to take ownership of their projects. They are usually highly motivated and take great pride in the work they do. They also have excellent interpersonal skills to work across divisions and to foster collaboration.

Differences From Serial Entrepreneurs

Although attributed with a similar entrepreneurial drive, intrapreneurs differ from definition of a serial entrepreneur in that their activities are held within the boundaries of the organization, wherea serial entrepreneurs are independent risk takers who venture out on their own. Serial entrepreneurs have the freedom to pursue their own projects without limitations imposed by an employer.


Definition of Intrapreneur Entrepreneur