Electronic Recycling

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Money-Saving Benefits

Refurbished computers offer significant cost savings when compared to purchasing new.Refurbished Computers People who have a need for a particular model may find one of the refurbishers offering their product at a much lower cost than purchasing new. Most refurbished models come with a warranty and support from the manufacturer in the event issues occur while using the device.

Increasing Always-on Device Capacity

Refurbished devices are often used by people who need to increase their own personal or business capacity to stay connected to the internet. When a single individual or house-hold requires multiple devices to enable for always-on access to activities such as browsing the web, streaming movies, or checking emails, refurbished devices can offer all of these modern amenities for less money.

Reducing Electronic Waste

Manufacturers and retailers both contribute to the elimination of electronic waste by making these old or outdated products valuable again through refurbishment. Consumers who purchase these devices are also playing a role in helping the environment--by saving money and helping to prevent these pieces of technology from entering a landfill.

Responsible Disposal

When computers are no longer needed it is important to dispose of them responsibly. computer recycling should always be employed to ensure the internal components are disposed of in an approved and safe manner.

Data Destruction

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