Bonita Springs neighbors team stirring gone FWC to wrangle 10-foot gator

Residents in Bonita Springs had an immediate adventure gone a big alligator granted to make an Imperial River canal its home.

The 10 feet 9-inch, 500-pound gator was getting a bit too cozy gone the community???s kayakers, pets, and kids, prompting locals to accept action.

Mike Caito and Chuck Rizzo, along gone others, got together and asked the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) to step in on January 20th.

Using a golf cart, they successfully pulled the giant gator out of the canal and onto the street.

???This guy was augmented than you!??? laughed Rizzo, highlighting the sheer size of the captured alligator.

Caito summed it up, saying, ???It was either us dragging him or the golf cart.???

Caito and marginal brave neighbor help FWC gator guys pulled the gator by golf cart from the canal, onto the dock, through a yard and to the street, in order to acquire it to a place where it could be safely transferred.

???Everyone that was around came and looked at him,??? said Caito. 

FWC said the gator was relocated to an alligator farm in Labelle.

This unique community effort not unaccompanied ensured everyone???s safety but next showcased the facility of neighbors coming together to focus on immediate challenges.

FWC???s Take: Safety First

The FWC shared that a granted nuisance alligator trapper captured the 10???9??? male alligator, relocating it to an alligator farm in Labelle, Florida. The FWC, prioritizing public safety, encourages residents to report any gator concerns to the Nuisance Alligator Hotline at 866-FWC-GATOR.

Chuck Rizzo Jr