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Blue High Visibility Shirts: Great for All Occasions Blue Hi Vis Shirts

High-visibility clothing, usually called 'hi vis', are created out of reflective fabric and are worn to make people more visible in dark or low light conditions. It's widely used by construction workers, bus drivers and road crews, and is a way for people to be seen and stay safe in risky situations.

Making a Practical and Stylish Statement

Blue Hi Vis Shirts can look great in outdoorsy situations, and modern hi vis items come in many different colors, patterns, and pieces. Jackets, vests, hats and t-shirts are adapted to fit fashion sensibilities, so that hi vis doesn't have to be seen as purely functional. Stylish blue hi vis shirts are light and comfortable, making them the perfect way to add a stand-out style statement.

Versatile Pieces

A hi vis work shirt is a must have in any wardrobe, as it is the perfect way to do up the style while still staying safe. Available in a range of colors and designs, blue hi vis shirts are versatile enough for casual days out, smart enough for work, and can easily be customised to create a unique look.


Blue hi vis shirts often feature fabric constructed with a higher number of reflective and fluorescent elements, making it more durable and able to withstand harsher environments. Hi vis clothing that can be washed at high temperature ensures that bacteria can be removed from the fabric, and this makes it hygienic and safe for work and leisure.

Perfect for All Seasons

Whether for work or play, blue hi vis shirts are great for all seasons. In cooler weathers, these shirts make for a great layering piece as they add decoration to an outfit while also helping to keep the wearer warm. For the summer, blue hi vis shirts are ideal for rural outdoor adventures, and function great under a hat to keep the sun off the wearer's face.

Blue Hi Vis Shirts