Lower Cost Alternatives to Groupon Deals For Small Business Owners

As a small business owner, you know the importance of attracting additional customers and retaining loyal ones. This is where daily deal sites such as Groupon come in handy. With the promise of higher exposure and a jump in revenue, it's no wonder that many small businesses approach Groupon for promotion of their products or services.

However, as beneficial as Groupon may seem, it's not the absolute fit for every business. From expensive commission fees to potential customer dissatisfaction, there are several drawbacks that can make Groupon a less desirable option for small business owners. Fortunately, there are a plethora of new affordable alternatives that can give similar benefits without breaking the bank. In this article, we will scrutinize some of the best Groupon alternatives for small business owners that can support them accomplish new heights in their marketing efforts.

1. Social Coupon Kings
Social Coupon Kings is a new choice for small businesses looking to run daily deals. With lower fees, and more flexibility, they provide their service using customized daily deal pages. They produce daily deal pages for more than 30 types of businesses. Social Coupon Kings daily deal pages can be integrated with an autoresponder, which allows small business owners to build their email list as they build profits. Their daily deal pages can also be embedded into GMB listings, websites and syndicated across social media platforms. They also offer QR codes, press releases, retargeting, and commercials to steer cold and retargeted traffic to the daily deal pages. For a limited time, Social Coupon Kings is offering daily deal pages for a low one-time payment.

2. Living Social
Living Social is a popular choice for small businesses looking to create daily deals. With over 70 million members worldwide, this platform offers a wide reach for businesses to market their deals. Like Groupon, Living Social allows businesses to set their own terms for deals and charges a commission on the back end for each redeemed voucher. However, the commissions are lower than Groupon's, making it a more affordable choice for small business owners.

3. Retail Me Not
Retail Me Not is a well-known coupon website that offers a variety of deals and discounts for its members. Even though it may not have thesame "group deal" structure as Groupon, it's nevertheless a great platform for small business owners to showcase their products or services. Retail Me Not allows businesses to make digital coupons that can be redeemed both online and in-store. And the best part? There are no commission fees involved.

4. Facebook Offers
With greater than 2.7 billion monthly active users, Facebook is undoubtedly one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. In addition to connecting friends and family, Facebook also offers a feature called Offers, which allows businesses to give discounts and deals to their followers. This is a great choice for small businesses who have built a large social media presence, as it can generate buzz and attract additional customers without any additional costs.

5. Google Offers
Google Offers is an alternative platform that connects businesses with potential customers through deals and discounts. What sets it apart from other is that it integrates Google???s powerful search engine and Google Maps, making it easier for customers to find and redeem deals. Google Offers is a great choice for small businesses looking to reach a wider audience and track the success of their deals.

6 . Deal Chicken
DealChicken is a lesser-known deal site but can be a great choice for small businesses looking for more affordable alternatives. It operates upon a smaller scale compared to Groupon or Living Social, but this can work to your benefit as it maintains a more niche audience. Also, Deal Chicken charges a flat fee per deal, rather than a commission percentage fee, making it a more cost-effective option.

In conclusion, even though Groupon may seem like the go-to choice for small businesses, it's important to study further affordable alternatives that can give similar benefits. Whether it's reaching a wider audience, increasing revenue, or building customer loyalty, there is plenty of additional options available. By taking into consideration these alternatives, small businesses owners can find a great fit that aligns their budget and business goals.

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