About the Author

Adam Abernethy has been in sales and marketing almost his whole life beginning with getting hooked by winning a sales prize in Cub Scouts. As a sales consultant he specialized in higher ticket items like cars and high end electronics.

Becoming a recognized authority on Home Theater entertainment, he was hired by one of the nation's largest media companies to be its sole in-house Home Theater consultant. Working side by side with traditional corporate marketers while being deeply involved in the Digital Marketing world gave Abernethy insight and perspective into the need to cross over the two worlds.

He realized that traditional marketers needed to catch up to the digital internet world and internet marketers could greatly benefit from learning the solid foundation of marketing principles. Adam now uses his dual background to help both traditional marketers and internet marketers bridge the gap in their efforts to get better results.

Adam Abernethy was born and raised on Long Island, New York, and now resides by a lake in Southern California. Its fair to say he likes the water! Visit http://AdamAbernethy.com

Adam E Abernethy